The Obligatory Super Bowl Post

I really have not paid attention to the football season.

I’m a New York Jet fan, so you can understand why.

I’m also a Giant fan. Eli Manning lives four blocks away from me. If I were Piers Morgan this would make me a football expert.

As we all know, it is the commercials that make the Super Bowl, well, super. Although, in fairness over the last few years the actual games have been excellent, which have not always been the case.

This year there is a commercial by Volkswagen that is already getting a lot of heat, with “political correct police” slamming it as racist . Let’s take a look:

Personally, I love this commercial. I also think that anyone who finds this commercial racist, is the actual racist.

To make this point, I can’t believe I’m doing this, I’m going to let a group who I have very little respect for explain it to you.

What I’m most pleased about is Volkswagen standing their ground and not pulling the ad. It’s time for the American people to lighten up. There was a time when we could laugh at ourselves. Now we have become a group of people with a list of words we can’t say, food we are not allowed to eat and faith we are supposed to keep to ourselves.

I’ll stop there, It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I don’t want to be a cloud on a sunny day.

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