Time to get motivated

It has been a difficult few months for many of us on the right side of the aisle and we know our work going forward will be difficult. As the Democrats diminish the power of the filibuster, as they try to “Dry up” the supply of weapons and it may look like we are outnumbered, we must remember the battle continues.

We are in between rounds at the moment and I have to admit we have taken a bit of a thumping recently. But the next battle over the budget is starting and I think Republicans are in a better position to demand the spending cuts this country needs whether through sequestration or some other means, spending cuts are on the way.

For those who are tired of the battle and need a little pick me up or maybe life is just getting you a little down; this video is for you.

Okay, it’s for me too.

Update: The changes to the filibuster can be ruled a cave by the Democrats. See the video is working.

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One Response to Time to get motivated

  1. Good stuff, Bret.

    I think I actually knew all of those, too!

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