Keeping my sense of humor

As the days tick down toward the end of President Obama’s first term and we prepare to embark on his second term, a week from tomorrow he takes the oath of office followed by his second inauguration the next day, I try to keep my sense of humor.

It’s not easy lately.

I hate that I find myself laughing at people who are just discovering their taxes are going up

I hate people are discovering that Obamacare is indeed making the price of healthcare more expensive, from braces for teeth to insurance premiums, and let us not forget the layoffs being implemented thanks  to Obamacare.

I hate the pleasure I seem to be getting from telling the same people who said to me; “that’s not true,” when I tried to warn them what would happen: “Hey this is what you voted for”

So, I do my best to keep my sense of humor.

When I’m lucky I find something like this next video that makes me laugh while reinforcing my own political beliefs:

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