Ben Shapiro vs Piers Morgan

This video is priceless!

For those of you who are sick and tired of Piers Morgan’s pomposity this is a must see video.

Ben Shapiro, from and confronted Mr. Morgan on the 2nd amendment and Morgan’s own bullying tactics.  Watch the fury build in Morgan, it’s 14 minutes worthy of your time. All I have to say:

Great job Ben Shapiro!

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7 Responses to Ben Shapiro vs Piers Morgan

  1. Nice video. Looks familiar…

  2. I didn’t realize that’s what you meant when you said that over at our place.

    NOW it makes more sense…..

  3. Man, Ben Shapiro came prepared. I pride myself on being quick on my feet, but this guy did some damage. Nice find. I may have to post about it!

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