Of course overweight people live longer

Okay, I missed my Sunday funny. Therefore, today will be Monday madness.

Things have been so tense these past few months, between the election and the fiscal cliff when it comes to politics I feel like this:

Red fox

You may have seen recently a new study claiming that overweight people live longer. As a matter of fact, I posted the article on my Facebook page with the comment, “Okay, now give me my cookies back!”

Being a fitness freak I found the study humorous, at first. As I thought about it and saw more headlines seriously claiming plump people live longer, it occurred to me that people would take this report to justify their plumpness. I’m going to quickly address this study by “US government researchers.” The study only looks at a person’s BMI – Body Mass Index. A simple calculation of an individual’s weight and height. It does not take into account a person’s muscle mass. In other words, while this may be the standard image of an overweight person;

overweight 1

According to the BMI, this too should be the image of an overweight person:

overweight 2

Don’t I look good!

Okay, that’s not me.

It could be!


Maybe….. if it weren’t for these dang cookies.

Anyway, now you understand how in this study “overweight” people live longer.

For the record, my BMI has me as obese.

No, I don’t look like the first picture.

Now, finally there is one scenario where being bloated and overweight is never good:

Washington Pork Projects

Well, I tried to go a whole post without a political statement.

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