Rand Paul: let the Democrats raise taxes

I have demonstrated how a large number of voters have been indoctrinated into a big government mentality. The only way these people are going to learn the consequences of this philosophy is to endure a life lesson. While I am not exactly part of team “let it burn”( going over the fiscal cliff,) I am of the belief Republicans are never going to be able to address other major issues so long as the public continues to perceive them as only protecting the “rich.”

I can hear can hear some of you, actually I’m hearing Sean Hannity. “You want us to compromise our principles!”

Nope. Not at all. I want you to live up to the same principles you exalted in 201o after a huge Republican victory. Remember the mantra? “Elections have consequences.” Let the people face the consequences of this election and make the Democrats own it.

The worse thing Republicans can do is conduct themselves in such a manner that the Democrats take back the House in 2014. Can you imagine what would happen if President Obama acquired the same power he had in the first two years of his Presidency, for the last two years of his administration?

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