Dismantling the “Tax the rich” video

I  saw the original video at Two Heads are Better Than One in an excellent post about the progressive agenda taking over the public education system.  It took me about an hour to glue the pieces of my head back together, from the explosion caused by  the video . While I’m short of time, I did find this video rebuttal to the despicable propaganda narrated by Ed Asner.

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3 Responses to Dismantling the “Tax the rich” video

  1. Many thanks for the link, Bret!
    Plus, I LOVE the new rebuttal video: I’ll need to borrow it from you, of course.

    Thanks bro. And, if after watching the FIRST video you managed to glue your head back together in only ONE hour, ..
    …you did it waaay faster than I did…

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