The Sunday comics and taxes

Once again, it’s Sunday my day to laugh.

I should take this moment to explain, once again, how this tradition began. When I was a young boy, my parents had the Sunday papers delivered. One was this icky paper, called the New York Times. It had all these words and very little pictures, now I dislike it because  I understand the words. The other was a paper called the Bergen Record and it was the best. It came wrapped in the comic section! So, as my father sat in his chair reading the news, I sat in the opposite chair reading the comics. When I was done with the comics I then had to read one “real” news story, It wasn’t so bad, I always picked a story with lots of pictures.

Come to think of it.

I still do!

My reading comprehension skills aside, the first thing I read on Sundays are the comics. My favorite was, and still is, “Peanuts.”  You can imagine my feelings when I saw this cartoon by Robert Ariail:

peanuts and taxesAnother favorite of mine was “Popeye” so again you can imagine how I felt when I saw  Steve Kelley’s cartoon.

It just goes to show you.

Nothing is safe from the fiscal cliff debate debacle!

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