Bill Whittle: “Why we suck”

It’s hard to believe that the month of December is upon us. If the Christmas store decorations where not confirmation enough, the end of the year budget battle in Washington is more than enough evidence to what time of year it is. It has been a political year ending, for me, in disappointment with the President’s re-election.

After doing my analysis of the President’s victory I found that most of the voting public tend to believe in his vision of government. For those under forty it is what they have been taught in their schools growing up and it is going to take a life lesson for them to understand the dangers of big government. These results from a Gallup poll only further demonstrates the divide between the two party’s beliefs:

gallup socialism

Looking at the results of the last four issues, I cannot help but become even more alarmed at the direction of the country. Why are more people turning away from conservatism, I think this video from February, by Bill Whittle, does a good job illustrating why people do not want to be conservative:

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