An example of why Republicans are losing

This is a follow-up to my post yesterday.

This video is from “Morning Joe” on MSNBC yesterday.

Now, what conservatives have to do is step away from what they know and remember most people who watched this believe Joe Klein. Jazz Shaw over in the Green Room at Hot Air made this comment about the clip:

The series of gobsmacked looks and dripping, sarcastic comments from Scarborough in response to Klein’s incredible allegations are worth the price of admission alone.

I agreed with him.

But then I got hit with a splash of cold water in my face.

Let me hit you with it.


This comment about the clip:

I saw this this morning and it was like a breath of fresh air. Joe Klein is the man!

I watched the clip twice. The first time I sat stunned at what Klein was selling. The second time I sat stunned at the realization that people are buying what he is selling for President Obama.

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4 Responses to An example of why Republicans are losing

  1. It’s kind of absurd that we’re still talking about this. The general consensus among voters is that the Obama administration made a mistake, there’s no evidence of a cover-up, and in the end this is really a non-issue. Romney went after the “shiny object in the distance” on this one; now McCain and Graham (and pundits like Scarborough, who I usually like) are fixing it into an albatross to hang around our own necks while we really should be engaged in more important discussions.

    • Bret Rickert says:

      The death of an Ambassador is never a shiny object. The “consensus among the voters?” Do we pursue our beliefs based solely on that? There was indeed a cover up The Administration lied for weeks about the events in Benghazi, four people died horribly, but that’s not important. Your comment has helped illustrate my point how we are losing the battle. If we go strictly by the voters consensus Republicans should stop all negotiations regarding the fiscal cliff and give the President everything he wants. Yes, each day it becomes clearer why Republicans lost big in November and unfortunately it is becoming clearer that we may have already lost the future.

      • By “shiny objects” I’m mostly referring to Romney’s tendency to make statements before he had all the facts.

        And that cable’s a non-story. Everyone knew there wasn’t much security there. It’s not as if the White House though marines were present and they weren’t, it’s that through bureaucracy and tangled lines of communication no one anticipated an attack and the need to be fully prepared for one. A travesty, certainly! But a cover-up? Not so much.

      • Bret Rickert says:

        Right, no cover up. Like Ambassador Rice said today, they did not intend to mislead. Only Democrats can get away with such statements. Funny how the same people who are saying questioning the Ambassador is racist are the same people who for 8 years called Powell and Condi Rice liars. They clearly lied after the fact and that is a cover up

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