Politics of Black Friday

While I have never participated in black Friday, I like to spend the day consuming mass leftovers, I thought I would take this brief time to share with you this information from opensecrets.org. Perhaps it will help you decide where you want to shop this holiday season. Not that anyone would be so petty that they would allow their political leanings dictate where they would buy gifts.

I mean this is the season of goodwill towards all, right.


Anyway, I thought this was interesting.

You read, I’m going to go have a sandwich.

 Toys ‘R’ Us‘ employees contributed $36,000 to Democrats of their total $39,000 given in the 2012 campaign cycle. The toy store does not have its own PAC.

While Macy’s employees favor Democrats, its PAC favors Republicans 3:1. But at Best Buy, the employees as well as the company PAC have a slight preference for Republicans; combined, the workers and PAC gave $585,000 to both parties’ causes in 2011-2012. Target‘s workers and PAC leaned GOP as well, and gave a total of $484,000.
And although individuals working at Wal-Mart have a strong Republican preference if their contributions are any indication, the company’s PAC gave almost the same amount to Democratic causes as Republican ones. The company’s total contributions from both sources: $2.7 million.
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