It’s the end of the world as we know it

As I am trying to recharge my blogging batteries, I’m finding current-events to be a major drain on my ability to do so.

How am I supposed to get into an upbeat and optimistic mood when:

  1. First time jobless claims jump to 439,000.
  2. Nearly 50 million Americans live in poverty (about 16% of the population.)
  3. Fallout from Benghazi continues.
  4. The President holds his first press conference since his re-election and inspires investors significantly enough that the Dow Jones index drops nearly 200 points.
  5. The GOP cannot agree on just about every major issue.
  6. And the real scary item; Israel and Hamas are a stone’s throw away from all out war.

For me there can be only one solution.

No, I’m not going to hit my head.


I’m going to dance.

Hey, I didn’t vote for the guy.

And I have the perfect song to dance to.

Dance with me.

Unless, you voted for him. If you did, I have another suggestion for you.

Sometimes, you just have to get your snark on to feel better

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