Team Obama changes its slogan

I don’t know if this is “Ha Ha” funny or  “pathetic” funny, but either way I’m finding it ridiculously funny. Since it’s Sunday, I’ll just go for funny.

Let us look at the Obama campaign’s old slogan:

How nice, “Forward.”

We understood what the campaign was attempting to convey, “we must not go back”

Okay, with a little over a week to go in the election, team Obama has unleashed a new slogan:

Yes, “Forward!”

Doesn’t that exclamation point just make all the difference in the world?

Shall we remember what happened another time someone went from “forward” to “Forward!”


And finally, let us remember the real reason Team Obama used “Forward” as their slogan:

Given the recent event’s in Benghazi, you can understand why the administration does not want us looking at what they are doing or didn’t do.

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