My final say about the debates

I have made my case for why Mitt Romney won all three debates. While there is not a consensus on who won the second and third debates, it is widely accepted that Mitt Romney won the debate season.

I can link to many other opinions from the left and the right backing up that statement.

Although, I don’t have to.

I can show you.

Team Romney has made many commercials from what transpired during the debates, but none better than this closing argument from the final debate:

Now, let’s think.

What are the messages coming from President Obama, besides “Romnesia” and mocking Romney’s ability to list things that are wrong with the country?


Yea, I think it’s obvious who won.

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One Response to My final say about the debates

  1. I think that last picture sums up who won the debate season perfectly. I like to say that Mitt scored five runs in the first 3 innings (debate 1) and Obama scored three or four in the last 6 innings (debates 2&3). Mitt still won the baseball game.

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