A President in waiting

The third and final debate is in the books and once again Romney came out the solid victor. If you tuned into the debate seeking confrontation, then you left unfulfilled. President Obama last night entered the debate seeking confrontation and he left unfulfilled.

President Obama started out aggressive and remained so throughout the debate. Unfortunately for him he was not only aggressive he was , to paraphrase Tim  Stanley, he was mocking, insulting and condescending. These are not traits worthy of a President.

Once again, I don’t care about the instant polls and their results, Romney won last night. Like the results of the second debate, in the days that follow, it will become clear the Governor won.

It is never a good sign when one side has to immediately walk back one of their candidate’s statements, as the White house senior adviser, David Plouffe, had to do with the President’s statement: “it will not happen,” regarding sequestration. A quick fact check shows Romney was correct about what he said regarding the Auto-bailout. He said;

The federal government should provide guarantees for post-bankruptcy financing  and assure car buyers that their warranties are not at risk

Don’t believe me, read for yourself: “Let Detroit go Bankrupt”

Another early fact check, shows Romney was correct regarding the remaining forces in Iraq as confirmed by CBS and The New York Times.

While I was amazed at the falsehoods from President Obama, I was at first just as amazed at Governor Romney’s willingness to lay back and not confront the President, but in the end he was the one who looked Presidential. In a debate filled with split screen images there is quite a lot of talk about Obama’s “Death Stares”.

President Obama needed a knock out last night and he did not get one. Governor Romney needed to show he was Commander-in-Chief material and even in those snap polls of last night, 60 percent found him to be.  About those snap polls, it appears some of them had a skewed sample favoring Democrats. In the end, this debate did nothing to change the momentum of this campaign and the President’s attempts to goad Romney into fighting may very well backfire with independent and women voters.

In the end, Governor Romney’s conduct as a President in waiting, won him the debate.

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2 Responses to A President in waiting

  1. rapsheetblog says:

    We had similar reactions to the third debate. I have been surprised today by the insistence by many that Obama performed well, and have also blogged about this today.

    • Bret Rickert says:

      The reaction to the third debate is similar to the reaction to the VP debate. The left loved Obama’s snark and aggressiveness as they loved Biden’s buffoonery. They do not understand it is not playing well with the rest of the electorate.

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