Romney won

I don’t have much time today, so I will make this post brief.

I don’t care that most snap polls give the edge to Obama.

Mitt Romney won last night.

The CBS’s insta-poll has it a slight victory for the president 37% – 30% with 33% considering the debate a draw. The same poll has Romney winning 65%- 34% on the economy.

Game Over.

The only reason why Obama appears to have edged out the overall victory is because his performance was better than the last debate.

 This was not a difficult achievement.

There are two reasons why the President lost last night:

  • He did not act Presidential
  • The people saw the obvious media bias

The President’s arguments consisted of worn out rhetoric and his conduct was certainly unbecoming.

I know his base loved his interruptions and his fight, but they also liked Joe Biden’s buffoonery while the rest of the country was disgusted. As the days go by and people talk about the debate, the President will not be judged favorably.

As for the obvious media bias, I’m not going to tell you I told you so, but my last post was titled “Ambush on Long Island.” This time the ambush backfired, when fact checkers are fact checking the moderator, something has gone very wrong. Candy Crowley tried to save the President last night regarding the issue of Libya; instead she has guaranteed the Administration’s lies about Benghazi will be highlighted in the days to come.

Hotair has an excellent wrap-up of the second debate.

If you have any doubt about my assessment of Romney winning last night consider this; after the first debate team Obama walked away with Big Bird as their main talking point. This time it’s the phrase “Binders full of women”

 Team Romney’s talking point is still the economy and that’s why he won the debate.

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