Debate lies and the many faces of Joe Biden

I’m facing a crisis.

As you know, I like to keep my week-end posts light-hearted. I have always believed the more stressful the times, the more laughter is needed.

You can understand my dilemma after watching the Vice-Presidential debate.

I never thought I would have to amend the belief to “the more stressful the times the more the need for appropriate laughter.”

Should we be surprised by the conduct of the Vice-President? After all, has he not always been a walking cartoon character? I will proceed with my silly Saturday in a moment, but I want to tackle one serious subject, briefly.

Debates and lies.

Okay, not lies, stretching the truth.

It happens! And whatever side of the political spectrum you belong, the other side does it more.

With that said, The Houston Chronicle’s “Texas on the Potomac”  does an excellent and fair VP debate fact-check. They provide a summary of fact checkers. Personally I would have omitted Politifact and Factcheck since their bias has become obvious. If you don’t believe me you can google the two and put the word bias after and see what you get. But, like I said, “Texas on the Potomac” plays this article fair. Here is the summary : The analysts provide a compact overview on the key-issues of the debate. Overall they saw Biden more accurate and passed on 2010′s Lie of the Year award to Paul Ryan for referring to “a government takeover of health care.” “The Biden-Ryan debate was marked by some spirited claims that didn’t always match the facts.” The fact-checkers found a slight advantage for Biden when it comes to telling the truth. CBS checked on fewer facts than the others, but gave decent backgrounds to all of them. To them, Ryan told the truth more often by quite a length. Fox did not provide a detailed fact-check, but its verdict on the debate results was quite balanced between Biden and Ryan.

The Washington Post: The daily newspaper found “lots of feisty words and fishy facts” in the arguments of the candidates. In summary, Ryan got a better factcheck report than Biden.

Politico: “Spouting so many facts and figures inevitably leads to claims that one candidate or the other shaded the truth, bent it or maybe even fibbed a bit.” Their verdict: tie.

There, now that I have delt with the serious issue, it’s time to commence with my silly Saturday. Who better to be Silly with than “Uncle Joe?” Here are some of my favorite images from the debate. As for the last two images, they’re just a reminder that this is what “Uncle Joe” does.

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