The Obligatory Vice-Presidential debate post

It’s simple, I don’t like Vice-Presidential debates. They are meaningless.

Since the very first VP debate back in 1976, Mondale v Dole. No I did not watch that debate.

I did watch the Bush-Ferraro debate four years later.

I was young and learning. Of course, that leaves me without an excuse as to why I wasted my time and watched this debate.

Vice-Presidential debates have absolutely no significance. All you have to do is look at one of the most complete smackdowns ever in any debate. Lloyd Bentsen against Dan Quayle. Do I have to mention the Jack Kennedy quote?

If this moment cannot sway an election, nothing can.

Last night’s debate may be an exception. All but one poll after the debate gave Congressman Ryan an edge. But the fact is this debate will not be won onstage, it will be won in the days that follow and the RNC  already has their first ad:


For the record, I thought Vice President Biden was one big jack wagon last night and once his red bull wore off and you could actually focus on the answers, Paul Ryan took him to school.

Now, I understand those on the left are all excited about Biden’s performance. After all, their guy was soooo bad last week, they needed this over the top performance. As the days roll by they will slowly see, as with the Al Gore sighs, this performance will not play well with most voters.

What impact will this have on the Presidential election?


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