Obama says financial success is “Blind Luck”

It would appear there are now more videos of the President emerging. It could be that after his dismal performance in the last debate, people are more willing to hear what the man actually believes.

This video is from September 17, 2005 at the Harvard Law School Association “Celebration of Black Alumni” Award Luncheon. One thing for certain, it emphasizes what Obama truly believed when he said “You didn’t build that.”

At the 1:35 mark:

There’s a certain attractiveness in its simplicity, that idea and it’s particularly attractive, I think, for those of us who are  successful, because it allows us to be self-congratulatory and say, in fact, the  cream rises to the top. You know. Look how well we did,  everybody can do what  we did. Denying the role of blind luck that played in getting everybody here. Or  the sacrifices of a generation of women doing someone else’s laundry and looking  after someone else’s children to get you here.

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3 Responses to Obama says financial success is “Blind Luck”

  1. Are we (conservative bloggers) pushing this? Lord knows Obama needs some kind of break now, and if this made its way into the news it would certainly help keep the pressure on.

    • Bret Rickert says:

      As you may have noticed, I tend to stay away from these types of videos. I did not give much attention to the Hampton University video, but this video I feel is important because it adds dimension to the “you didn’t build that” comment. Looking around the web, it appears, while also an old video, it is gaining attention. But I do not expect the MSM to play it.

      • DYNAMOpolitics says:

        Yeah I applaud you for dodging the Hampton video, because that just made us look petty. I think if Brietbart picks this one up we’ve got a decent chance at slipping it into a news cycle.

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