Dumb ads, debates and(of course) the media

Sometimes blogging isn’t easy.

Some days I can scour the news and not find a thing I wish to write about.

Other days, like today, there is too much to write about.

Yes, I could write about the unedited version of President Obama, then Senator Obama’s, speech in 2007 at Hampton University .

Yes, I could discuss the collapsing cover up of the attacks in Libya.

However, I was never much of a choir singer.

I remember back in the old days when I used to be a waiter. As I am sure many of you have seen,  on a patrons birthday the wait staff would come out and sing “Happy Birthday” while bringing a piece of cake to the table. I never quite sang along with the group. They would sing: “Happy birthday to you” and then I would sing, very off-key, “YOU.” At the end of the song, I would get down on one knee and sing the last “you” as off-key as possible and as loud.

For some reason, people found it entertaining.

Hmm… I see I digressed again.

Tonight, we have the first debate between President Obama and Governor Romney. I’ll get to that in a moment.

First, I want to talk about the dumbest ad so far of this cycle: “Meet Richard Hayes. He picks up Mitt Romney’s trash” from Team Obama. I’m not kidding.

It begins with Mr. Hayes saying:

My name is Richard Hayes, and I pick up Mitt Romney’s trash. We’re kind of like the invisible people. He doesn’t realize that the service we provide – if it wasn’t for us, it would be a big health issue, us not picking up trash.

As the National Review Online points out, Mitt Romney in his book wrote:

One day I gathered trash as a garbage collector. I stood on that little platform at the back of the truck, holding on as the driver navigated his way through the narrow streets of Boston. As we pulled up to traffic lights, I noticed that the shoppers and businesspeople who were standing only a few feet from me didn’t even see me. It was as if I was invisible. Perhaps it was because a lot of us don’t think garbage men are worthy of notice; I disagree – anyone who works that hard deserves our respect. – I wasn’t a particularly good garbage collector: at one point, after filling the trough at the back of the truck, I pulled the wrong hydraulic lever. Instead of pushing the load into the truck, I dumped it onto the street. Maybe the suits didn’t notice me, but the guys at the construction site sure did: “Nice job, Mitt,” they called. “Why don’t you find an easier job?” And then they good-naturedly came down and helped me pick up my mess.

For those of you who refused to believe the Governor would pick up trash here’s a picture:

Can you imagine what the media would do if Team Romney initiated a similar attack ad against President Obama when the evidence refuting the attack existed in one of his books? There would be days of coverage from fact checkers calling Team Romney liars.

Yea, I know. You already know about the media’s bias.

This leads me to tonight’s debate. I’m not worried about Romney’s performance. Despite the fact debates are filled with make or break moments, I don’t think that will be the case in this first debate. With the race essentially tied, I don’t see either candidate making a stumble, but the Governor has the opportunity to show the people who he is unfiltered by the media.

When it comes to this media, I fear the debate will go something like this:

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