While swing states are bombarded with ads, some feel abandoned

I have said this many times, unless you live in a swing state, you are not going to see the many ads the two campaigns and their surrogates are running. To recap, the swing states are: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and some include, Pennsylvania and Michigan as potential swing states. While I hear from many, who live in either blue states or red states, that they do not see any of the ads coming from the Romney campaign, people living in the swing states see nothing but campaign ads from both sides. As reported in Businessweek:

Ohio, one of the states that may decide the U.S. presidential election, had 132,469 commercials aired in the race from April 10 through Sept. 24 at an estimated cost of $72.5 million, more than any other state, according to data from New York-based Kantar Media’s CMAG. Watching them consecutively would take a month and a half. Like voters across the nation, Ohioans are strongly divided on partisan lines. One thing unites them: They all hate the ads.

Such has been the way of the Presidential campaign for the last three cycles and does not appear to be changing anytime soon. This post is for the Romney supporter who does not get to see the ads and doesn’t have time to find them on the internet.

Yea, yea, I know if they don’t have the time to find them on the internet, how did they find this post?

“Let me be clear” this is for all the people I know, who haven’t seen these ads. They have, most likely, been seen by my fellow political junkies. I’ll start with this ad by American Crossroad:

These next two ads are from the Romney campaign and are fine attack ads.

This next ad is also from the Romney campaign but I find this one particularly effective, since it has the candidate speaking directly into the camara.

Finally, this last ad, also from Team Romney, I like a lot. Although, I’m not sure if it is only a web ad. Here is my one major complaint about this campaign; their best ads are shown just on the web, where only those previously inclined to vote for Romney will see them.

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