More Americans added to food stamps and disability than finding jobs

I have addressed the issue of more americans being added to disability than finding jobs before.  The most recent data shows a continuation of this trend. This new chart includes those who were added to the food stamps program.

Even more disturbing, is this chart depicting the shrinkage of the workforce compared to the expansion of the food stamp and disability programs, since January 2009.

I know I have already expressed my anger at the number of people collecting disability. “Let me be clear” my anger is not even directed at those healthy workers who collect this entitlement. That’s an anger, no a disgust, we should all feel. My anger is for those who, like me, have worked very hard not to take disability, but, unlike me, found themselves in the position where they had to take that last choice. Maybe I’m being Pollyanna-ish, but I believe there are far more like me than not.

Finally, having 15% of Americans receiving food stamps is not a sign of compassion, it’s a sign of trouble.

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