Mitt Romney’s press conference regarding leaked video

As I said before, I do not disagree with the comments made on the leaked video by Mitt Romney. Heck, I have even made those very same arguments in many of my posts, but for the next few days the media is going to obsess over these statements and Romney’s message will not be heard.

It’s obvious releasing these videos are meant to distract from the administration’s disastrous handling of the events in the middle east.

That’s fine.

Actually, it’s not fine; but that’s what campaigns do.

When you consider that 8,786,049 million people received federal disability payments in September, once again a new record, and a continuation of the trend from April through June; the message of government not being able to sustain the current spending levels is what many of us want to hear. I have to believe there are many more people like me, who has worked hard not to be on disability, than those who would rather live off of the government.

But then, what do I know?

I do know the country cannot afford four more years of this kind of growth in government spending.

Here’s Romney’s press conference from last night. I’m extremely pleased that he did not walk back his comments:

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