A final say on the party conventions

This has been an eventful week.

From the attacks on our embassies to Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, initiating quantitative easing 3, at a cost of $40 billion a month; these events are going to be the major influences on the upcoming election.

It’s Sunday and I really do try to adhere to my tradition of keeping Sunday as my day to laugh. For me, humor and laughter are as essential to life as breathing and eating. There are other things on my list of essentials but I try to keep this a “family blog.”

Some weeks it takes an effort to laugh.

Like eleven years ago, this is one of those weeks.

It has been over a week since the last party convention ended, and looking at the Presidential race, it is clear they had a minimal impact on the race. I could do an in-depth analysis of the polls and prove that, while some polls give President Obama a bounce, the conventions lacked any major influence on the voters.

I think Gary Varvel summed up the conventions perfectly:

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