Joe Biden, the gift that keeps on giving

Sometimes events happened that cannot be ignored.

They may not always be significant, but they just can’t be ignored.

The recent gaffes by Vice-President only highlight this fact.

Sure, I could write 1000 words on what the media would have done if a Republican had uttered the magic phrase; “put y’all back in chains,” but wouldn’t that be beating a dead horse. We know there is a double standard in what Democrats are allowed to say and do  compared to Republicans. The most recent serious example is the NAACP claiming an ad depicting Rep. Allen West punching a white woman was not racist.

I’m just going to do what everyone else does when it comes to Joe Biden, laugh.

At him, not with him.

And wait for the media to tell me, once again, that the Vice-President must be ready to take over the job of President from day 1.

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