GOP winning on Medicare

From the looks of things, the Democrats were not prepared for this battle. This excellent article by Yuval Levin depicts the dilemma the Democrats face regarding the issue of Medicare. He begins:

In the last few days, the Romney campaign has moved to dramatically change the terrain of Medicare politics, and it looks like the Democrats are beginning to realize how vulnerable they might be. Because of Obamacare, it is the Democrats who now plan to cut current seniors’ benefits (especially those in Medicare Advantage) and access to care (thanks to the IPAB) while still failing to avert the program’s (and the nation’s) fiscal collapse, and because Romney would repeal Obamacare and pursue a version of the Ryan-Wyden premium-support reform it is the Republicans who would protect current seniors’ benefits and make them available to future seniors while saving the program from collapse through market reforms. Through the candidates’ statements this week and through this new ad, Romney and Ryan have made clear they’re going to inform voters about this and force the Democrats to defend themselves on Medicare.

Let us look at the ad Mr. Levin references:

It is a powerful accurate ad.

I’m not going to break down Mr. Levin’s article. Some articles are so well written they have to be read and not just quoted. I strongly urge you to click the link and read it for yourself. To further entice you here is how he concludes the article:

 But the Democrats were counting on a Medicare onslaught to lift their chances this fall since they can’t exactly run on jobs and the economy. Their chances of mounting such an onslaught grow increasingly unlikely the more that voters realize that Republicans offer a better approach both for current seniors and for future ones.

A real market reform would allow us to leave those seniors already in the program where they are and enable future ones to use their Medicare benefits to drive competition and improve quality while lowering costs across the American health-care system. The Democrats’ approach makes Medicare’s problems worse in order to make the larger system’s problems worse.
I guess they’ll just have to run on taxing and spending.
Now go read his arguments, you won’t be disappointed. Unless you are a President Obama supporter.
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