They cancel out my vote

As I have been saying all week, things are hectic and I do not have a lot of extra time. So, I will make this brief.

campaigns, like life, have their ups and downs. All campaign cycles have their swings and currently this cycle is swinging in favor of President Obama. Most of the recent polls show the President with a comfortable lead and even if you dismiss the skewed internals favoring the Democrats, it is clear the “kill Romney” campaign is having the desired effect.

This is disconcerting.

But it does not have me banging my head.

No. There is still 89 days to go. A Vice-Presidential pick to be announced, a national convention to be presented and most importantly two jobs reports to be released.

No. Swings in the campaign cycle don’t get me down.

The people in this video from, knowing they cancel my vote, that gets me down.


Now, that was me banging my head.

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