VP speculation

It has occurred to me I have not commented much on who Romney should pick for his VP. The reason for this is I am not a big fan of speculation but we are getting closer to announcement day and since I am short of time, I will give a quick opinion. First, let’s look at the “probable” choices:

  • Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty
  • Ohio Sen. Rob Portman
  • Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan
  •  Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.
  • Florida Senator Marco Rubio
  • Virginia Gov. BOB McDonnell

They are all good candidates, but from the start I have been partial to Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. He has an approval rating of over 60% in the swing state of Virginia. He has led his state to a budget surplus for three consecutive years and has 21 years of service in the US Army(active and reserve.)While the left may try to make an issue of his 20 year-old graduate thesis, he comes with the least baggage. Finally, Mitt Romney is starting his next bus tour in Virginia.

With that said, the bus tour is also going to Florida the land of Marco Rubio. While I am still partial to the Virginia Governor, this video makes me reconsider.

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One Response to VP speculation

  1. Yes yes yes! Finally another vote McDonnell! I’ve been pushing for him for months: http://dynamopolitics.com/2012/07/02/mitts-top-6-vp-picks/

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