The evolution of Barack Obama

I may be taking a little break, but I can’t ignore the things this President does. I think this says it all:

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3 Responses to The evolution of Barack Obama

  1. Aegon says:

    I don’t get it.

    • Bret Rickert says:

      If you need it explained, you won’t find it funny.

    • Christine Sandquist says:

      Obama started out presenting himself as pro-transparency. Since then, he’s started crying executive privilege and setting himself up on a pedestal, using the very methods he previously criticized. This is shown through the medium of golf, which was president Bush’s favorite passtime while in office. His vacationing is something Obama criticized. Obama is pretty big on golf now himself, though admittedly he takes less vacation time than Bush did overall. The transparency argument is primarily implied through the king clothes he’s wearing in the final stage shown; a traditional monarchy typically has a huge focus on the sort of executive privilege Obama is wanting today. Details on how he is using executive privilege can be found here:

      tldr; Obama is being inordinately hypocritical in how he performs his duties in office.

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