The irony of President Obama’s re-election argument

The President’s main argument for re-election has been; Mitt Romney will return us to those same Bush policies that created the mess in the first place.

Does that not qualify as an irony.

Let’s face it President Obama has continued many of the Bush policies. has pointed out the top 10 terror policies continued by Obama:

1.  Special Forces funded:

2.  Military tribunals

3.  Iraq not abandoned

4.  Gitmo still open:

5.  Renditions continued

6.  Afghanistan surge:

7.  Indefinite detention:

8.  Surveillance maintained

9.  Record number of drone attacks

10.  Killing terrorists

Sam Seder liberal talk show host recently discussed:

During the Bush years, Americans weren’t shy to express their anger over the former administration’s policies regarding people they deemed to be “terrorists.” Whether it was the indefinite detention and torture at Guantanamo Bay, or the killing of civilians in the Middle East, Americans made it clear that they were angry with the Bush Administration. So today, with some of those same policies — or even worse policies — in place, where is that outrage?

Both sides agree, Obama has continued the Bush policies on terror.

What about domestic policy?

As Hotair pointed out, Dan Mitchell of Cato wrote a piece in February depicting the similarity of policies that caused the recession and continues to drag the economy down:

1. Bush increased government spending. Obama has been increasing government spending.

2. Bush adopted Keynesian “stimulus” policies. Obama adopted Keynesian “stimulus” policies.

3. Bush bailed out politically connected companies. Obama has been bailing out politically connected companies.

4. Bush supported the Fed’s easy-money policy. Obama has been supporting the Fed’s easy-money policy.

5. Bush created a new healthcare entitlement. Obama created a new healthcare entitlement.

6. Bush imposed costly new regulations on the financial sector. Obama imposed costly new regulations on the financial sector.

When you look at the approval numbers for George W Bush,  by 2006, if his numbers got to the mid forties it was considered high. The current President continues to “enjoy” approval numbers averaging in the high forties.

You have to ask; “Why?”

You also have to ask; “How can Obama claim Mitt Romney will return us to the same policies that caused the mess, when we never really abandoned them?”

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14 Responses to The irony of President Obama’s re-election argument

  1. alex says:

    Because Obama is not bush, and as a result, many of bushes policies are leftovers more than anything. im not going to blame obama for failing to remove shitty policies put in place by an arrogant GOP base that refuse to relinquish control of the senate and the congress… he is only the president… a president during one of the most tumultuous times in America. i will give him another 4 years to fix things since we gave the full 8 to bush to wreck things.

    • Bret Rickert says:

      Interesting, considering things did not get wrecked until the Democrats gained control of Congress in 2006.
      Republican house

      • Herp Derpington says:

        …because whenever a senate changes over everything magically turns in EXACTLY the direction they want it to before they even sit down to do anything like you know, writing bills or whatever it is they do, amirite? Intelligent people read your chart and wonder how badly the repubs must’ve screwed things up if it took the dem controlled congress nearly 3 years to fix the downward spiral they inherited. Knee jerk reactionary partisan hacks looking to score a quick point read it exactly as you just did.

      • Bret Rickert says:

        You obviously can’t read charts.

    • Chris says:

      You want to give him another four years? He has had four years already and hasn’t made any chances so what makes you think that he is going to start now. You are clearly a deluded and uneducated voter if you think that their is a lesser of two evil between these two. Anyway don’t worry about that. Just vote for Obama and continue the illegal wars, unmanageable debt, assassination of American citizens and police state which restricts our freedoms.

    • Amfortas says:

      You are a blind moron. That is the sorriest excuse for continuing Bush-era policies. It doesn’t even qualify as an excuse.

  2. Marc Klink says:

    Though I hardly think that Obama has done enough of what he promised, he HAS put this nation back in the good graces of the world at large, and helped remove the idea that we are a nation of cretinous mouth-breathing idiots, which was shown time and again under the last administration. Plus, Obama has never come up with any of the verbal gaffes which “W” was known for – half the time he was so poor in his speechifying [yes, that’s what I’d call it!] that I would sit and cringe. Two examples are “putting food on our families” and the inability to pronounce the word N-U-C-L-E-A-R. That alone made me cringe every time he spoke, and made me think he was a total idiot, propped up by huge dollars and family connections.

    President Obama has not done what needed to be done in many circumstances, so I’m not fully happy, but I’d be much less happy if Romney, whose entire career has been one of cutting-jobs-to-increase-profitability, were to be elected.

    We need someone in office that, as best I’ve been able to ascertain, with my limited study of history, would act like Harry Truman did – do what was needed and hoped that the opposition didn’t like it.

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