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The Obligatory Leon Panetta post

This is just the latest  evidence that our President refuses to listen to his advisors. The President will also be directing which targets will be hit by air strikes in our latest efforts : The U.S. military campaign against Islamist … Continue reading

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John Boehner’s speech to The American Enterprise Institute: Five Points for Resetting America’s Economic Foundation ( video & text )

Yesterday, Speaker Of the House, John Boehner addressed the American Enterprise Institute where he laid out his five point plan for resetting America’s economic foundation: fixing our tax code, solving our spending problem, reforming our legal system, reining in red tape, and improving … Continue reading

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#Throwback Thursday: John Pinette “On a diet” or I’d kill for a doughnut

It’s been two weeks since my last throwback Thursday post. At the time, I was getting ready to enjoy the Hoboken Italian festival and I did. Now for those of you who do not know, I have dedicated Thursdays as a … Continue reading

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