The “OMG! I’m old” post

This video was released about 5 days ago. While I try to avoid posting videos that have already gone viral, every now and then one comes along that hits home and I just have to share.

As a kid, I loved video games. I had Pong, Atari, Nintendo, the Commodore 64, I had them all growing up.  Those days are far behind me, something I am all too aware of, but sometimes it just smacks you in the face.

Watch as a group of today’s teens are introduced to an old Nintendo NES. This is the game that was considered an improvement over the games I mention and credited with revitalizing the gaming industry.

The video is fun to watch and I don’t even have any snarky comments about the teens in the video.

Well, I do. But I want to keep this post congenial and light hearted.

I mean, I may be old.

But I haven’t reached grumpy old man status.

Not yet.

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Two videos that put President Obama’s primetime address in proper perspective

For the most part, the President’s primetime address to the nation Wednesday night has not been well received by the American people. Heck, the administration itself  spent the next day downplaying the address. Given the President’s track record on foreign policy are we surprised:

Wednesday night was a pivotal moment for the President. It’s not often when a president gives perhaps the most important speech of their presidency.

Oh wait:

If this wasn’t so pathetic I’d be laughing.

And I try to laugh at everything.



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September 11- We will never forget

This year, the message seems even more important.


sept 11

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